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This is one heck of a mouse. Long story short, it is worth it. I am upgrading from some cheap no name mouse and let me tell you, the change was well worth it. The features really are something. I has adjustable weights which i really like since i like my mouse very light but others may like it heavy. The included extra pads are a must have for people who don't use a mouse pad and the little case for the weights are nice since i happen to lose lots of things. After installing the easy to use dvd on my pc I messed around with the colours. It had lots of options and the included profile button is a nice feature in case you like certain configuration for games or multiple users. Bright led's with lots of colour options and breathing effects. I use this mouse all the time while gaming or web browsing. It has a soft matte like shell that will repel more sweat then a gloss mouse which is something I also really like. The mouse is very comfortable, I can easily reach all the buttons comfortably and my hand rests nicely on the mouse and the side buttons. I do not play mmo games so i did not find myself using more than 1-3 side buttons but they where easy to reach and press. The quality is very good. The buttons are solid, well made and not to stiff or lose. The cable is much longer than I would need  it to be and since it is a braided cable I would not expect the cable to wear like a plastic one would. For gaming this mouse was great. No angle snapping, no acceleration issues and adjustable settings to fit your needs. In my opinion 16400 dpi is more than enough and around the 2nd dpi setting is where i liked it. Overall I was very pleased with the solid built quality, good software, adjustable weights and comfort. Anyone looking for a mouse that is high quality and works great i would recommend this too.

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