Soundpeats Q16 Bluetooth headphones are the fist pair of 100% truly wireless headphones I have ever tried. They surprised me quite a bit with their easy to use functionality and good quality. They come with 3 different sized ear tips, instructions a cable for charging both the ear pieces at once and a very nice hard carrying case. 

Design is alright, they are made out of plastic but feel durable and comfortable. You can use both of the ear peices at once or just the right one. Pairing was very quick and easy too. With many hours of use they feel comfortable and stay secure in your ears with the hooks. 

Sound quality was good. Very loud, good clarity, good solid bass, treble was fine and crisp up until you hit 70%+ volume and it became a bit too obnoxious. Still good sound quality all around.

Battery life was ok with around 5 hours of use. Built in microphone was quiet and usable for short casual phone calls at best. Buttons on the earphones could be used for media or phone calls and worked without error. Bluetooth connection was stable with little to none interference or drops. 

Overall I am impressed with these headphones mainly because how nice and convenient they are with the decent quality. They are currently $50 on Amazon which is an ok price. If you're not looking for 100% wireless headphones I do think there are some better options out there though. Here is the Amazon link: USA: