Very nice headset. I will begin my review by telling you about the comfort. I could use the headphones for around 4 hours before i started to get a little sore, but after a small adjustment they where fine. Being very lightweight with nicely padded earcups makes them very comfortable. They did not suction my ears like many other over ear headphones but they covered my ears and only had some open space by the bottom of my ears. The headband which can compensate for bigger or smaller heads did a nice job. It did not press against my head and it felt good. The mic quality is decent, i would not use it over my $50 desktop blue snowball mic but it did a great job. The mic quality was good, it sounded clear, no buzzing or static and fairly loud. In terms of sound they did a great job. They where clear up until around 90% where they became a little unclear but their volume was pretty loud. The bass is pretty balanced with the rest, it does not over power or feel under powered. For some bass heads i would recommend a trip to your equalizer and set it on a bass preset to get a good boom. Treble was good, I personally do not like lots of treble but this headset seemed to do a good job at making it balanced with the rest of the sound. Then again a trip to the equalizer can modify it to your needs. I used this headset for gaming and it did a good job, while playing CS GO i would hear foot steps around me very easily. I found the build quality of them to be pretty good too. The plastic felt kind of hollow but did not feel like it would break. The headphones also did well while being in a bag and took no damage. The mic can move around to be out of your eyesight or right beside your cheek. The noise isolation is decent, it can eliminate some background noise. It does leak some noise at full volume but not enough to make out works. In a fairly quiet room 50% volume was not noticeable in terms of the sound leakage. The chrome and green colour is ok, I would like to see a more plain black version maybe but personally I do not care too much about the colour. The chrome does attract fingerprints though. Overall the sound quality is good, they are comfortable and the mic is good for in game talking or voice chatting.