The Sades Knight Plus is a great headset in my opinion and has been working very well for me. I have had many headsets in the past and this is one of my favourite.

The headset is pretty comfortable and well built. Seems to be made out of plastic and it holds up good. Nicely padded larger earcups and headband. Also has a adjustable band around it to accommodate for different sized heads. After using this headset for around 3 hours it begins to get a little sore but nothing that a quick 5 minute break won't fix.

The headset is fairly large with some heft to it. That seems to be a trend with quite a bit of nicer gaming headsets. The headset has a nice design all around with blue led accents that be been turned either off, on or flashing. The microphone can be moved around and flexed to quite a bit of different positions. It is also made well and seems like it will hold up with normal usage. The cable is pretty long and made out of a durable plastic which does tangle very easy but seems to hold up well to bends and stretching. Along the cable is also an inline control which allows you to change volume, mute the mic and turn off or on the leds. Overall a nice design and built.

I wouldn't consider myself an audiophile although I do appreciate some good sounding headphones. The Sades provided an overall great sound. The treble was crisp, nice solid bass and a clear overall sound. As always a quick trip to the equalizer and I was getting a much better bass response and clearer audio to my personal listening enjoyment. Even at higher volumes the quality still remained good. If you also like to crank up the volume this headset can go really loud and i found myself not usually going above 50% volume. The surround sound features are nice but keep in mind that this is virtual 7.1 so it still only is a stereo headset but with virtual 7.1 options. When enabling 7.1 surround sound I found a minor increase in the soundstage and found it being a little better in some cases then when off. Still a nice feature to have in most cases. Overall it sounded good and was enjoyable to listen to music, watch movies or play games with.

The microphone was decent. Nothing as good as a $40 desktop mic but much better from my cheaper headsets or webcam microphones. The microphone does an excellent job at cancelling out background noises and getting your voice although there was a very mild static that you could only hear when the mic was not being talked into. It sounded fairly clear and decent for the price.

First thing I would like to mention is that it list compatibility with Windows 10 but I could not get it to work on Windows 10 64-bit with the disc or the download from Sades website. I installed it on Windows 7 and it seemed to work fine. The software gives your controls for the virtual surround sound placement of the virtual speakers and other various audio controls. Was easy to understand and well laid out.

If you are looking at USB gaming headsets that sound good, are comfortable and have a microphone then it may be worth checking this out. I was pleased with this headset and will continue using it as my main headset. It is also priced pretty fairly for what you get and I would recommend this headset.

Here is my video review: