The perimice 515 by perixx offers quite a bit for a small price. I have never used an ergonomic mouse before or never had any problems with a regular one so the switch at first was very odd but once i got used to it. The change was nice and also comfortable to use. The mouse is made out of a very nice material that is soft to the touch and has a very good feel in your palm. There are a couple extra buttons which can be used for web browsing or commands in gaming if you desire. The built was good, it did not get any visual damage or feel cheaply made as the buttons felt solid and well made. Tracking was good with it, i noticed no sensitivity issues and it preformed well while gaming. There are no cons i can find with this mouse and if you are looking for an ergonomic mouse that is not overpriced, has good built quality and preforms well then this may just be for you. Feel free to check out my review video here on YouTube: