Looking for a small, medium or larger mousepad? The Perixx DX-2000 mousepad may be for you. It has an impressive built quality with stitching around the sides to prevent peeling, a non slide rubber base to make sure it does not move around and a special treated textured weave with precision control.
With my usage of this mousepad i noticed no pain or uncomfort while using it since it has a nice surface on the top and is a little squishy so you can rest your arm on it.When i was using this mousepad my mouse easily glided across the pad offering what felt like to be no resistance.
The mousepad is black with 2 brandings on it (Brand & model) which the mouse had no problem or interference while moving over. The surface did pretty well against spills and debris getting on it, during a couple occasions i split a few things on it and it cleaned off no problem.
Overall this is a pretty sweet mousepad coming in Medium, Large, extra large and extra extra large ranging from $17.50-$30. 
If you are interested in buying a new mousepad i would defiantly recommend this as it was enjoyable to use and i have no complaints.