These headphones are known for their style and design but the sound is a big deal. There is a many colors such as blue,green,black,white and red. The ear cushions impressed me with the comfortable fell and the headband on the top. These do have a noise cancellation feature which does make the headphones take 2 AAA batteries. Now the sound quality has some good bass that delivers a boom but if you put the volume over 75% it starts to sound muddy or unclear but the rest of the sound is ok. It comes with some accessories like airline adapter, quarter inch adapter, a hard case, cleaning cloth, 1 black chord with mic/control and 1 red chord with no buttons/controls. Be awhere that there is many fake beats out and too be careful while shopping. Overall i would recommend some House of Marley’s, Klipches, Bose, Audio Technica, Sony and Sennheiser over the expensive $350 Beats By Dre Studio.